Subject Re: [ib-support] Problem between Midas (D5) and InterBase SuperServer 6.0 for Linux
Author Svein Erling Tysvær
>Has anyone experienced problems running (Delphi5)
>TClientDataSet.ApplyUpdates() when it is writing to a database on
>InterBase 'SuperServer' 6.0 for Linux? I'm getting an EDatabaseError
>with message 'Record changed by another user' even when only 1 client
>is accessing the DB.

>It works fine on InterBase Server 6.0 for Windows and I can write to
>the database when I don't use MIDAS components with the Linux Server.

I know nothing about MIDAS nor am I using Linux, but it sounds as if MIDAS
on Linux is doing a change in one transaction, and you doing a change in a
different transaction. In Interbase, I wouldn't read 'Record changed by
another user' as a change done by a different person or machine, just that
two uncommitted transactions are trying to change the record.