Subject Re: [ib-support] Interbase single user
Hello Ochep,

My previous response was how I thought you could create a single
user situation. However with a properly designed DataBase structure
and at two least two access levels (User + MonthEnd) there is no need
to resort to a single user for MonthEnd. You have two sets of data,
namely historic/journal used by MonthEnd and current/new used
by User. History can't be changed, but new Journal entries
can be created to correct balances out of wack.

Best regards


Ochep wrote:

> i have the database server (ibserver.exe) in win NT 4,
> and client too. i'm not use BDE.
> Actualy, my idea is how to process end of month (database lock for other
> client) my apllication,
> in single user mode. Because end of month process must be single user
> running.
> Josef J