Subject Re: [ib-support] Interbase single user
It is possible to send an event from the server to all
connected clients 'TO SHUT DOWN' by changing a field in
a special table which triggers this event in an on update.

The client software must be coded to 'SHUT DOWN', upon
receiving this event. Maybe even check this special table
once a while in case the event gets lost. A query on the
connection could tell you who is still on the server and
you could repeat the event till the MonthEnd processor is
the only one left.

If a client logs in and sees the conditionin the special
table, it might pop a user message and shut down or a lot
trickier coding continue to operate in Read/Only mode only.

One drawback if the MonthEnd processor goes down during
its maintenenance, but an use starttransaction which
would be lost upon disconnect might solve that issue.

Maybe you could just rename the DataBase during processing to
assure no access from clients after they lost their connection :)

Just a thought, probably hopeless
Best regards


Ochep wrote:
> Thnks Helen for your advis.
> i have the database server (ibserver.exe) in win NT 4,
> and client too. i'm not use BDE.
> Actualy, my idea is how to process end of month (database lock for other
> client) my apllication,
> in single user mode. Because end of month process must be single user
> running.
> Josef J
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