Subject Re: [ib-support] Re: --* Please Help*--- Database corruption and cannot backup & restore
Author Paul Schmidt

On 9 Aug 2001, at 7:39, lester@... wrote:

> > The bug affects all previous Win32 versions of IB/FB, and it is only
> > by SHEER LUCK that this problem has not affected more people!
> >
> > I, personally, don't see why people are getting so 'flexed' by this
> > simple change to the engine. You'd think that we made this decision
> > on a whim and without any considered discussion.
> As long as you can gaurantee that the current stability of Firebird
> will not be affected AND provide a means of restarting which will cope
> with the CRAP that is Win32 I am OK. I am having to use Firebird in
> production because of the problems of having to keep stopping and
> starting the server in IB5.6 when connections or windows hickup and I
> like the way it just stays up, SO the the restart problem should never
> happen - but we are using window!
> This is not a problem in Unix, is it? Not that the powers to be ( the
> customers ) will allow us to use it (yet).

In Unix it can be a lot easier to fix, because the system assigns
each file a serial number, the libc info page I got this from,
doesn't say anything about non-compliance, so I would assume only a
few really ancient oddball systems don't do this. So rather then
using the name, you grab the file attributes, and look at the serial
number, then use the serial numbers to do the comparision. This is
also quite a bit safer, since a file can go by several names.


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