Subject Re: [ib-support] Re: IB Clustering (random thoughts and questions)
Author Svein Erling Tysvær
> To import data, I can: a) use an external application using IBO to
> perform a series of parameterized inserts, b) use a script file of
> insert statements containing a whole bunch of insert statements
> created from the clients data, or c) use the 'External Files'
> approach (which is somewhat of an arcane process).
> Option 'A' is INCREDIBLY slow. It might take a week to import a
> clients data using that option.

Hmm, I'm used to a few thousand inserts a second using IBO on small tables
if run directly on the server. Let's be modest and say 2 000 inserts per
second (you may be able to make it 3-5 times faster than that), that should
be 1 036 800 000 inserts a week (assuming your computer doesn't work
Sundays ;o)! You surely operate on large data volumes...

If the speed you observe is nowhere near this, show us your code and we may
be able to help you out. If IBO-specific, is a
more appropriate forum.

(I never saw the original question on Atkin, only Daniel's reply - so there
may be issues you mention that I am unaware of)