Subject Re: [ib-support] Using TIBDataSet in code
Author Stevio
Thanks Pete, I think my problem is that my SelectSQL statement doesn't
select all of the fields that I want to use in the InsertSQL statement. I'm
using them for different things, and the Select is only selecting a subset
of the fields to display, while the Insert is creating a new record with
nearly all of the fields you can have for the record.

So my conclusion is that the Select needs to select every field that you
will use for all of your SQL statements, be it Insert, Modify, Refresh,
Am I right?

Thanks again.

> Stephen
> something like this will start a new record and then post it to the server
> using your already defined InsertSQL statement.
> DS1.Append();
> DS1['Results']:=4;
> DS1['StopReason']:=3;
> DS1.Post();
> Kind regards,
> Pete Bray
> > I'm using TIBDataSet in my application, and I've generated the different
> > sets of SQL - insertSQL, modifySQL etc. I want to use the
> > insertSQL to add a
> > new record to the database, using Delphi code. How do I do this?
> >
> > Thanks,
> > Stephen