Subject Re: [ib-support] Re: Connect to DB from Procedure ??
Author Damian Dowling
>It appears you haven't looked at how the IBO4 replication module
>works...the target structures can be completely different to the source
>structures, send data into multiple targets, aggregate data, whatever you
>want. You can set up a replication service that clears the replication
>cache every time there is spare CPU time, or pick up a timer event, or
>pick up an InterBase event, whatever you need, you can do. The cache
>stores pointers to changed rows, not the actual data, so the actual
>replication literally reads the changed rows and dispenses the selected
>data to the target.
>On the target side, sets are inserted, updated or deleted as directed by a
>receiving procedure. It's all done with triggers and stored procs (which
>you write to suit yourself and can make considerably generic through the
>use of macro scripting...if you have to propagate the changes from A
>through to B, C and D you could set up a daisy-chain. You can set up
>inclusion and exclusion criteria on both sides of the wire.

I haven't had time to give a good look at the new parts in IBO since
getting - but i will give a look now.

Thanks very much.

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