Subject Re: [ib-support] --* Please Help*--- Database corruption and cannot backup & restore
Author Paul Beach
> > Re. as server://dir/base.gdb (double slash)
> > You don't think the reason nobody could see her changes unless they used
> > same connection string had anything to do with the possible fact that
> > can create filenames on Unix that contain just about any character?
> > i.e. this might have created a database in the root directory called
> > "/dir/base.gdb "
> >
> > Just a thought.
> Maybe you are right, but the fact that the gdb was corrupted made me
> think that there could be the same (or a similar?) path problem under
> Unix.
> After they corrected the path to the gdb, everything worked as expected.

As I would expect, nothing in the e-mail, seems to imply database
Only problem is - SuperServer on Unix, only allows remote access, there is
no equivalent Local Access Mechanism.......
The issue does not, cannot occur using classic.
And the problem so far identified is Windows only.