Subject trouble changing SYSDBA password
Author Riho-Rene Ellermaa
When I try to change SYSDBA password and it's longer than 8 symbols then the
password is not changed and no error messages are returned. I'm using IB6.

user_data.user_name = "SYSDBA";
user_data.password = "telefons1";
isc_modify_user(isc_status, &user_data);

I know that only 8 letters are used, but I thought that the system knows how
to handle longer names.
When I use IBConsole, then the password is changed OK. Should I cut the
password to 8 symbols myself?
I could limit the user input, but then they can'y insert 'masterkey' - what
a stupid idea to use 9 letters default password in 8 letter case.

Riho-Rene Ellermaa
senior programmer