Subject Re: [ib-support] Tables and queries in InterBase/Firebird
Author Nando Dessena

> > I had a colleague in a former job that used to always go on about how
> > overused and unnecessary live queries were in most situations. Would you
> > agree? This guy knew his stuff as far as Delphi and Interbase were
> > concerned, whereas I am a beginner.
> >
> Your friend is wrong, IMHO.

his friend is actually right. *Live* queries are more like TTables than
like non-live queries, as far as the BDE is concerned.
Furthermore, the BDE is able to optimize the SQL sent to the server, but
it is better at it with TTables (ordering, filtering, going to last
record) than with TQueries, which causes confusion in many people that
do benchmarks; this does not suffice to recommend the use of TTables
over TQueries, of course.
Anyway, the whole discussion is pointless: the BDE itself should be laid
to rest; much more efficient ways to work with IB exist, as we know.