Subject Re: [ib-support] Tables and queries in InterBase/Firebird
Author Daniel Rail
At 07/30/2001 12:19 PM, you wrote:
>What is better to use with InterBase? Tables or queries? I know a lot of the
>time it can depend on what you're doing, but in general, for simple searches
>(with maybe a few joins), for adding, editing and deleting records, which
>would you recommend?

Would you agree with what is said here?

>I had a colleague in a former job that used to always go on about how
>overused and unnecessary live queries were in most situations. Would you
>agree? This guy knew his stuff as far as Delphi and Interbase were
>concerned, whereas I am a beginner.

First of all, if you're using joins in a query, you can't use live queries
and can't use TTable type components. Queries are quicker to use, and use
the INSERT, UPDATE and DELETE SQL statements to manipulate your data and
this will eliminate the usage of live queries.

I know that I'm still using TTable style components in one of my
applications, but these components are what's left of a migration from
Paradox to Interbase and gradually, they are being converted to TQuery
style components. BTW, I use IB Objects for the connectivity with
Interbase, it's a lot better and faster than the BDE.

Hope this helps.

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