Subject Re: Sql Query
I can't see it being done with just a query but I could with a stored
procedure with a couple of queries. Would you being using a stored

There are questions to answer like what if they arrive 8/1 and leave
8/3 will that room be considered available since it does become
available between the dates in the example or does the room have to
be empty during the whole time span?

- Darin Vanatta

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> Hello All,
> I am John Salzman and new to your group. I am 48 and working in the
> for about 25 years mostly as a contractor.
> I must be too tired and in need of a vacation as I am having
> creating what should be a rather simple query, perhaps someone may
> sometime to help figure this out?
> I have 3 tables as follows:
> Room Table Reservation Table Check In Table
> Fields:
> Room_ID Guest_ID Guest_ID
> Room_Type Arrival_Date Check_In_Date
> Departure_Date Departure_Date
> Room_Type Room_Type
> Room_ID
> I need to build a query that will tell me how many rooms are
available of a
> particular room type for a given range of dates (arrival thru
departure) ie:
> How many rooms of type "SKJ" are available from
> 8/1/2001 to 8/5/2001.
> The Room table provides the information for the number of total
rooms of a
> particular type. I can program this through vb, delphi, etc.,
however, I
> think I do this through sql. Any help is appreciated.
> thank you,
> John Salzman
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