Subject Re: [ib-support] Re IB security
Author Paul Reeves
lobolo2000 wrote:
> Clippings from the IBObjects site about this bug:
> "The SQLDA bug"
> This is the infamous bug in InterBase itself.
> .....the InterBase bug that mainly shows itself with executing stored
> procedures from remote clients....
> Some people were complaining that their stored procedures were being
> executed twice and messing things up.
> ....The work-around is to put a SUSPEND in the stored procedure ....

Ah, yes. That one. When you talked about 'bugs plaguing stored
procedures' I thought you meant there was more than one.

This particular one is not really much of a plague - those that have
come across it have a work around, and most people do not seem to be
having a problem with it. For instance, I believe it is the first time
it has been mentioned on this list, and I don't recall a bug having been
logged for it on the Firebird project.

I'm glad you have mentioned this because we can now get it logged and



Paul Reeves
taking InterBase further