Subject "Product REMOTE INTERFACE is not licensed"
Author Joe Martinez
I have a customer who recently upgraded from IB 5.5 to Firebird
(Windows). She was NOT running IB 5.5 over a network before. She was
just using it standalone.

First, she (without upgrading the server) installed a client with
Firebird, and attempted to connect (via my application which uses BDE).
She got an error that said, "Product REMOTE INTERFACE is not licensed".
We checked the IB 5.5 server, and all of the license keys were in
place. So, we figured that it had to do with mismatching IB versions.

So, we uninstalled IB 5.5 from the server, manually deleted the
Interbase folder, rebooted, and installed Firebird, all on the server.
We tried connecting from the client again, and got the same error:
"Product REMOTE INTERFACE is not licensed".

We did the same uninstall/manual delete/reinstall of Firebird on the
client (I'm not 100% sure that IB 5.5 was never installed on the client,
but I don't think it was), and we STILL get the same error. I'm going

Any ideas?