Subject To Helen (Foreign Keys from 2 months ago)
Author Nico Callewaert

I think you still remember our postings of somewhere 2 months ago about
defining foreign keys for lookup tables. I agree with Helen that it will
kill performance to define foreign keys for large lookup tables, and indeed
it's not really a master - detail relationship. Helen recommended the
book "Data Modeling essentials" by Graeme Simson. I've ordered the book
from, and I must say it's really a great book. But the point
is, I'm just disappointed in the fact that the author is defining foreign
keys for every lookup table in the examples illustrated in the
book. There is a example about hospital data, there is a master detail
relation and some lookup tables. I've counted the foreign keys and in
that one little example, I've counted 11 of them. Sometimes, it's just so

Just my thoughts, Regards

Nico Callewaert