Subject RE: [ib-support] Array subscripts in triggers
Author Tobias Giesen
> Arrays are not available in triggers.

After a bit more work on this, I find that I *can* do all I want with arrays
*in triggers*. My intention here is to log all changes made to a table in a
separate logbook table.

In the BEFORE UPDATE trigger, I can access the 'OLD' data array via SELECT
from the database, and in the AFTER UPDATE trigger, I can access the 'NEW'
array elements via direct SELECT. What I can't do is use the 'NEW' data to
raise an exception (luckily I don't want to do that).

But I can compare 'OLD' and 'NEW' by storing the 'OLD' data somewhere
temporarily so that it can still be accessed in the AFTER UPDATE trigger.

Now I just hope this intensive process won't make InterBase all too busy.
We'll see ...