Subject Re: [ib-support] Renaming a table
Author Martijn Tonies

> Actually by default Interbase is case INSENSITIVE. It's only if you use
> DIALECT 3 in conjunction with quoted-identifiers, that references will
> become case sensitive.
> In the case of:
> create table his(...);
> create table HIS(...);
> The resulting table can be referenced as:
> select * from his
> select * from His
> select * from HIs
> select * from HIS
> However, if you:
> create table "his"(...);
> then you can ONLY reference the table as:
> select * from "his"
> Bottom line: Unless you are looking for trouble -- NEVER use
> quoted-identifiers


There are some tools that do this for you. InterBase Workbench, for example,
has an option to 'always use uppercase identifiers'. If you turn it on, you
will only be able to use uppercase identifiers from the editors. This was
one unique feature :)

If you don't have it turned it, will check your identifiers and will only
use quotes if you supply a mixed case identifier or spaces (and other
special characters). If you don't, it will automatically NOT use quotes.
Seems to work quite well. And fixes a lot or problems with the mixed case
identifiers stuff..

Martijn Tonies
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