Subject Re: Remote DataModule
Author Alexander V.Nevsky
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> I might be using DCOM connection, multi-instance and
> apartment threading, is it safe? of should I opt not to use
threading model
> at all? What are the possible safe combinations of protocol and
> model?

Hi. I'm not shure this NG is the best place for discussions like
"starting with MIDAS". All models are safe, you just should realize
what actions are safe in what model. Concret DCOM M-I A-S is
automatically creation of datamodule instance with a single thread
when client is connected and link this DCOM connection with this
DM instance and all client actions within this MIDAS connection will
be served subsequently. You should have at least one database
connection (TIBDatabase) within this DM and all connectivity
components (transactions, datasets and so on) should be placed in this
DM and linked with database connections within this DM. You can place
only constants definitions and fully reenterable procedures that
don't use VCL in any common for datamodule instances module.

Best regards.