Subject About database corruption. gfix is hanging...
Author Alexey
Hello, All!
I have a big problem during repairing corrupted database.

About configuration:
Operation System is Windows Server 2000 (no sp)
File System is FAT16
Server version is Interbase NI-V4.0A(4)
Database 467 Mb

Here is the sequence of occurred events and problems:
1. Disk with database was out of drive space.

2. All users were disconnected from the server and temporary files were
deleted. After that we have got ~400 Mb free space.

2. While trying to connect database via Server Manager the error
with message:
Summary - "Error connecting to the requested database."
Detail -
"database file appears corrupt ()
-bad checksum
-checksum error on database page 59902"
was occurred.

3. The file copies of corrupted database file was made.

4. After that i tried to recover it:
gfix -v -full -user sysdba -password masterkey C:\TEMP\database.gdb

and on second computer start
gfix -mend -user sysdba -password masterkey C:\TEMP\database.gdb

During 16 hours gfix was processing the file.

Interbase.log begun grow! ~60Kb/sec.

Such errors as
"Page <num> is doubly allocated" is repeated circularly with the same <num>.

5. During over 16 house gfix was working and interbase.log was growing. The
last database file modification was made by gfix ~20 minutes after launch
(this i consider from database file info).

6. I stopped gfix with Ctrl-C :-(((

After that i tried to use:
1) gfix from Interbase 5.6 - with the same result.

2) gbak -backup -v -ignore database.gdb database.gbk
Result is:
gbak: ERROR: I/O error for file "C:\temp\database.gdb"
gbak: ERROR: error while truing to read from file
gbak: ERROR: End of file is Reached /*It's translation from russian error message*/

So i failed to recover database. Help!

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