Subject Re: BLR error
> >I got a Interbase DB created with Interbase 4.2 (ODS 8.2), which
> >already be corrumpted (I don't know for sure and now I don't have
> >original anymore).
> >
> >After that I opened it with IBConsole and Interbase 6.01 but only
> >reading the structure.
> >
> >Afterwards I wanted to do some changes (dropping a constraint) by
> >using Interbase 4.2, which returned me the following error message:
> >
> >invalid request BLR at offset 0
> > -corrupt system table
> > -unsupported BLR version (expected 4, encountered 5)
> >
> Oh dear, yes. Too late now - but you should have used gbak in v.4
to create a backup (gbk) file, which then you should have restored as
a v.6 gdb file, using the v.6 gbak program, before trying to open it
as v.6.

I thought it's possible to read with IB 6.0 databases created with
older version of Interbase (= older ODS-Version), isn't it? I didn't
want to convert it, just reading it!
I just remember that Ann was once looking for that kind of problem
(after Borland dissabled the function to read older ODS-Version with
Version 6.0 I think) and thought maybe it's related to that.

> Can you not get the old 4.2 database again?

Yes, mine was only test version I had from customer, so I can get it
again from customer site, fortunately.

Daniel Achermann