Subject Re: [ib-support] Unwanted Domains
Author Lucas Franzen
Todd Brasseur schrieb:
> Thanks Lucas,
> I tried your statement but it only showed the domains that I created and
> not system generated ones.

Yes of course it only shows your generated domains.
If you wnat to see al, just omit the


I wasn't sure about hat you meant.
Domains (for me) are the domains I created, not the one the system did

> I have approx. 50 domains in the system which I created. 2 of which I
> haven't used yet and your statement showed me them. Over the 4 years
> that I have been working on this system there has been approx. 2500
> domains created by the system. I am sure that many of these are not in use.

Did your DB crash too, when you used this statement?
Did you try to drop the showed domains one by one?