Subject RE: [ib-support] Off Topic, work situation
Author Dean Anderson
This gave me a chuckle.

Seriously, I suspect the problem is more one of application design rather
than database design. I'd bet that your boss isn't writing any code.

Your boss (be it supervisor or contract manager, or chief end user contact)
wants to have the application work the way they want it to work. Your task
as an engineer (besides making something that works as asked) is to herd the
users into defining requirements and work flows and specifications etc so
that you can go ahead and do implementation without continued interference
and changes. Also, a well thought out flow reduces changes after and during

I'd suggest that you take another tack, and when you interact with your
boss, put it in terms of the application design, flow charts, etc and let
him do the flow charting... After the flowcharts and documentation are
done, you can implement without interference.


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> > > Hi list,
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> > > Sorry for the off topic subject, but it is really eating
> > me. I would like to have some advice how to deal with my (so called)
> > chief. He's interfering in the whole development process of the IB
> > database, even he doesn't know anything of RDBMS. He doesn't
> even know
> > what is a index, a primary key or a foreign key (he is a
> bookkeeper), and
> > then he still has the guts to get angry in front of many people with me
> > when he try's to push his "idea of database design" to me. Explaining
> > it nicely, or asking not to interfere anymore doesn't work.
> Has anyone
> > experienced such a arrogant (so called) chiefs and what was the
> solution
> > for it ????
> Put him on to a case tool
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