Subject Re: [ib-support] Off Topic, work situation
Author Andreas Pohl

don't leave a job without having a new one. Such bosses are everywhere, so
you have to think about a strategy. Even if you work for your own (like I
do) these bosses are called customers :)

To design a database discuss only with pieces of papers with him. You cannot
design/program anything that is not describable with some pieces of paper.
Try to design problems with an Excel sheet instead, this is sth. he is
familar with. Don't talk about programmers core stuff. That's your problem
you've to solve (with a little help of support lists).

BTW, if your boss is talking about RDBMS so he's getting this info right
from you? If so, look for other stuff to talk about (interfaces, wheather,

Mit freundlichem Gruss & Best Regards

Andreas Pohl