Subject Re: [ib-support] Off Topic, work situation
Author Svein Erling Tysvær
Hi Nico,
sorry to hear about your work situation.

I guess your system is some kind of accounting system, and that your 'boss'
is going to be a user. As such, he probably knows a lot from a user
perspective, but as you say nothing from a developer perspective. So, try
to listen to him when discussing things relevant for the end users - and
avoid talking to him about what's underneath the surface (e.g. if he wants
unbroken, sequential numbering, you give him one - and don't tell him about
the generator for the primary key he doesn't even know exists). Hopefully
he doesn't care how things are implemented as long as he gets what he wants.

If he still insists on implementing things a certain way and he really is
your boss, tell him why it is a bad idea and why yours is better. If he
still insists - implement it the way he wants to and let him see the result
of his persistence. If he blames you, show him how it was his design that
made the whole thing go wrong (and make sure that you warned him enough in
advance for him to remember).

Of course, he could insist on something that really is
impossible/infeasible. If so, tell him that or explain the problem and ask
at this or other newsgroups if it can be done. He may not listen to you
alone, but if you tell him that you asked 456 persons and nobody knew how
to do it (just checked that there's 457 persons subscribing to ib-support)
- he should understand that it is rather difficult!

Of course, you may follow the other peoples advice to quit (and there
should be plenty of jobs out there) - but quitting should be the last
option to try (it only changes the problem - if your boss is the only
problem your successor will inherit him, if it is partly with you the same
problems will eventually arise at a new job).

Good luck whatever you choose to do,