Subject Re: [ib-support] InterBase BDE 5.2 SQL Links Update WARNING!!!
Author Nando Dessena

thanks for the update, I've got about 13000 4.x & 5.x installations
(with BDE 5 and 5.1) and I fear I will run into this problem more sooner
than later. WRT AsDate, I think it is deprecated since Delphi 3, at
least I have stopped using it at that time. The second bug really scares

Given that Borland is not interested in supporting and developing the
BDE any longer, it would have been better for them to leave it alone
instead of introduce new bugs and give false* explainations about IB
client & server incompatibilities.

(*) if two pieces of documentation (IB6 and the BDE) contradict each
other, and both of them come from the same source, I assume that one of
them is plain false.

Thanks again.