Subject Re: [ib-support] InterBase BDE 5.2 SQL Links Update WARNING!!!
Author Helen Borrie
At 06:01 PM 06-07-01 -0500, you wrote:
> > I'm very happy to say that I get rid of the BDE a few months ago :-))
>Lucky you!
>Unfortunately, I think we're a ways away from that. We have to support
>6 database engines and have a ton of code that has been using the BDE
>since Delphi 1.0. So we have to find something that works well for IB,
>MS SQL, Sybase, Oracle, Informix, and Paradox access and still keep
>adding new features to the product at the same time.


Have you tested BDE 5.2 with the drivers for MSSQL and Oracle?

I haven't tested it yet - I have D6 Enterprise installed and, fortunately, all of my live apps use IBO for IB connectivity. My Pdox2IB conversion app should be OK as long as I don't recompile in D6 - it connects simultaneously to Paradox with the BDE and to IB with IBO.

The burning question in my mind is how one "downgrades" to BDE 5.1.1 in your position (and what I recommend to Pdox2IB users if it turns out that BDE 5.2 is broken for Paradox as well). Borland used to have a full BDE 5.1.1 install available on their web site but, for some months now, it has only been available locked up in an installation program as **an upgrade** for an existing BDE installation. The SQLLinks drivers for IB 5.6/BDE 5.1 ought to OK if Delphi 6 will work with BDE 5.1.1, oughtn't they?

As the resident expert on Windows installations, what are your thoughts about a "downgrade" install for Delphi 6 users? Are there any licensing problems doing this?


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