Subject accessing columns in Views
Author Surojit Niyogi

I'm having problems accessing particular columns in views. the view consists of tables with columns that have the same name (i.e Company.Phone, Users.Phone) with a synonym uPhone for Users.Phone and just Phone for Company.Phone.

The metadata for the view is shown below with the problems stated after.

) AS

SELECT, Company.address1,
Company.address2,, Company.state,
Company.postal,,,, Company.employees,,
Company.fax, Company.YearsInOperation, Company.IsInvitee,
Users.UserID, Users.firstname, Users.lastname, Users.title,, Users.fax,,
Users.passwordtext, Users.SubscriberLevel, Users.CompanyID,
Users.TOS, Users.TempID, Users.LastLoginTime,
Users.LastLoginIP, Users.LoginID
Users ON Company.CompanyID = Users.CompanyID

If I try to access the uPhone column with the statement "SELECT uPhone FROM SUSERCOMPANY;", it throws an error -206 (column unknown) It works with any other column though. I also tried UPHONE thinking it was case sensitive but that didn't work either.

Doing a SELECT * FROM SUSERCOPANY DOES return the uPhone and uFax fields though with appropriate values. Is there a specific method for accessing these kind of fields? Thanks in advance! I'll be happy to supply more information if necessary.

-Surojit Niyogi

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