Subject Deadlock
Author Sandor Szollosi
Hi all,

I run an exe on 2 client machine. I use TIBDataSet. There are a table
in my database with workers' workhours. The exe picks the a workers'
datas and write each day to a new record and writes into these
records they workinghours on the each days of the month. If doesn't
find existing record for actual day and worker appends a new record
and commits(commitretaining), if find edits the found record(edit-

Executing programme on the two machines selecting different workers
the last started exe gets deadlock, and the another exe freezes.

My transaction parameters: read_commited, no_rec_version, wait.
I get deadlock if only append or only edit too.

In spite of my English is poor, I hope my problem is comprehensible.
Thanks help of yours in advance.