Subject partner index description not found (175)'
Author Paul Maliphant
I am attempting to delete some unwanted records from a table, using IBObjects IB_WISQL. I have removed all triggers and stored procedures that are reported as dependencies for this table, but cannot delete these records. I can find the ISC Error code in the documentation, which does not shed any light on the problem.

The clue seems to be in the response 'partner index description not found (175)'. I cannot make the connection to this message yet. IB Version WI-V4.2.1.328. and no, upgrading is not an option in this case.

Anyone have any clues?

The complete response is :

ISC ERROR CODE:335544333

internal gds software consistency check (partner index description not found (175))

TIB_Statement: ""

TIB_Query: "frmBrowse.qrRelations"

Paul Maliphant.