Subject What about hacking my gbk? Was:Problems restoring a database
Author Kaputnik
So gbak wants to restore a table with a NOT NULL Column containing NULL
values, and it fails with it.
I was able to restore all my data except this one table with the -ig
switch, but I definitely need the data out of this table.
The only solution I now know for this is to directly edit the gbk-file
with a hex-editor to change the column-definition of this table.
My problems seem to multiply on this...
As soon, as I insert a charcter, the restore will stop already in the
table-creating part, means directly the next table after the modified
Has someone a good suggestion or gone through this already, as I really
don't know how to do this stuff.
As I don't do C very well, better said almost not at all, and gbak is
not written in pascal, I can't try to download the sources and modify
gbak on my own, although this seems to be the best idea so far :-(

Thanx and CU, Nick

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