Subject Re: [ib-support] install problem
Author Paul Reeves
"Ross, Matt" wrote:
> The reason I felt it was not installed correctly was because of the
> response, "package FirebirdCS-0_9-4p1_i386.rpm is not installed" and the
> fact that using /opt/interbase/bin/isql resulted in a message saying that it
> was not a command.
> At first, I assumed that I was using isql wrong, but when the rpm told me it
> wasn't installed, I decided I was out of my league and emailed for help...

It looks as though something has got tied in knots. Have you tried uninstalling
the package (and checking that /opt/interbase is deleted) and then re-installing
while logged in as root?

'/opt/interbase/bin/isql' is a command, at least if the file is set executable,
which it should have been. As should be just about every other file in the 'bin'
directory. The rpm script ought to take care of all the details.

I'd like to know why it isn't/hasn't worked for you, so we can get it fixed if

> Should 'isql' work similar to the 'mysql' command for MySQL?

Guess so - if 'mysql' allows you to run SQL statements against the server.


Paul Reeves
taking InterBase further