Subject Indexes and speed
Author lobolo2000
I have been reading about indexes, speed, and plans. I made a small test
with a test database containing one table with 50,000 records, and a lot of
foreign keys referencing tables that have about 5 records each. Despite
that, miscellaneous queries (that retrieve one or a couple of rows) with
joins took an unnoticeable fraction of a second. Increasing the main table
size to 200,000 records made the queries take still a tiny fraction of a
second. However, if a transaction is started and not committed, then inserts
took much longer times to execute. Committing restored the short execution
My question: Is the hype about indices/foreign keys slowing things
applicable only to Mega records databases, or am I missing something?

Later I tried to sweep the database (which was 100MB by then) and IBConsole
spent 7 hours doing the sweep (is that a normal time??) and i forced it to
shut down. But this effectively corrupted the database and locked the IB
server. Rebooting and trying to access the database locked the IB server
(running as a Win2k service) again. Only a reboot restored the IB server,
and i had to delete the database manually as it was not possible to drop it
from IBConsole!!
Any ideas?

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