Subject Re: [ib-support] Table name more than 31 char
Author Paul Schmidt

On 21 Jun 2001, at 5:58, Senthil Kumar wrote:
> Iam converting a Mssql2000 database to interbase
> I want to have table names more that 100 char.
> how can set table name size to 256

Who designs your table names a novelist? Most DBAs (especially those
who did a tour of duty as a programmer) tend to keep table names
fairly short, because it reduces the required typing. I didn't
recall the limit being 31, because I have never designed a table name
that long.

I don't think there is a way, at least not an easy one. You could go
to the firebird developers list on sourceforge, and ask them, you may
be able to grab the source code, change where it's defined and
compile your own copy, with the higher limit. I would like to see
what the heck you could put into a table name that would need 100+


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