Subject help
Author Yves Glodt

I'm new on this list so hello everyone.

I'm currently writing a cgi-app in C which retrieves data from an
Interbase 6 database on Linux. (App and Interbase are located on the
same machine). Interbase-version is this rpm:

My Interbase setup seems ok since I can query the database with isql,
and also connecting an Nt-Client to it works well.
When I run my own app, or two other self-compiled programs, I ALWAYS
get the error "connection rejected by remote interface".
see the output below, it is the apifull.c from the interbase examples.

yves@Mortimer:~/testib > ./apifull
Enter the database name: /home/yves/napoli.gdb
Could not open database /home/yves/napoli.gdb
connection rejected by remote interface
yves@Mortimer:~/testib >

I also tried typing the following before:
but with the same result. As mentioned above, this error occurs with
three different applications written by three different authors.

What am I doing wrong (in my setup?)?

Thank you for any help,

Yves Glodt

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