Subject Re: [ib-support] System Table Inconsistency in IB6?
Author Ann W. Harrison
At 10:54 PM 5/27/2001 +0100, Andrew Garner wrote:
>Thanks for the info Ann. However it beings to look as if there *really* is
>an inconsistancy in the system tables.
>In rdb$types the value for an INT64 field (ie QUAD) is 9.
>However a field defined as say numeric(18) (ie an INT64 field) has a value
>of 16 in rdb$fields.rdb$field_type.

Oh, brilliant. QUAD is the VAX equivalent of INT64 (aka long long, Java
long, etc.)
Apparently they decided they needed a different value for reasons obscure.

Thanks, I'll fix that.


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