Subject RE: [ib-support] Re: Generator and Triggers with IB6 from Delphi and IBX
Author Christopher P. Boothe
>Sorry, I'm a bit behind with all this - I only get the daily digest !
>I think Jason Wharton has a document on his web site which deals with the
>case of not losing numbers form a generator sequence. Have a look at
> and download the doc entitled 'An
>auditable series of numbers'. It may not be exactly what you need and I
>haven't given it much in the way of consideration yet - not applicable to
>- and it comes with an IB Objects based Delphi example, but it might help.

Thanks I'll take a look at this. I do have one question though. In the
paragraph describing this duplicated here

Sometimes, auditors require you to maintain an unbroken, auditable series of
document numbers. Usually, generators are not recommended because it is
unsafe to 'recycle' generated numbers that become unused through rollbacks.
This paper explains a technique for working around this limitation in a
multi-user environment. Still don't use document numbers for primary keys,

It says at the end Still don't use document numbers for primary keys,

Why would it say this. That's was my whole point of using these generators.
I can probably live with losing a number here or there if I have too. But
why would it say this about the generators. Is there another reason I
should be careful?