Subject Re: [ib-support] Location of secondary file
Author Aage Johansen
Maybe the old post below from the MERS interbase list would interest

Aage J.

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From: "Jason Chapman" <jason@...>
Subject: Re: Renaming multi file gdb
Date: Tue, 14 Nov 2000 22:01:33 -0000
Organization: MER Systems Inc.
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I have a secondaryfile.exe that does this, we use it every day for a gdb
+ 2
secondary files to move from one machine to others. email me & I'll

We also have a nifty routine for building gbak restore batch file to
n secondary files
rename the backup file to include date & time to allow us to have a
different gdb for each backup day.


alex_vnru@... wrote:
> Hi, All. Does anybody know hack how to operate location of secondary
> database file without backup/restore? Update RDB$FILES do nothing.
> Purpose is: I need perform some statistics collection in single-user
> mode at nights and make backup. To save time database is off-line I
> want make file copy and perform statistics on original database
> simultaneously making backup on copy. I'm informed about Firebird team
> efforts to eleminate file size limitation, it's fine, but can I do
> what I want just now?