Subject Re: [ib-support] A couple of newbie questions
Author Paul Reeves
Andrew Gould wrote:
> I'm looking for a database that has more robust SQL
> support than MySQL and more stability than PostgreSQL.
> I have managed to install Firebird on a computer
> running FreeBSD 4.3 Stable. (The computer can also be
> booted to run Linux and Win98.)
> 1. While browsing the IBPhoenix site, I noticed
> downloads for the Classic Server and Super Server.
> What is the difference between the two?

There should be an article somewhere on the site explaining the difference.
There are a few subtle differences, and a quick reply won't do justice to them
all. Personally I would recommend Classic as easier to install. Super should
perform better under heavy load - say 50+ users. Best look for the article, or
hope someone jumps in and writes a short essay on the subject.

> 2. I currently maintain a data warehouse using MySQL.
> If I dump the MySQL data into tab delimited text
> files, can I import them into Firebird? If so, how?
> I've started reading the tutorial; but have only found
> mention of the SQL INSERT statement.

Take a look at IB_WISQL - a link is on the contributed downloads page. I believe
it has an option to read TSVs (or maybe CSVs) into Firebird.


Paul Reeves
taking InterBase further