Subject Re: Backup - Decompression overrun buffer (179)
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Hi, Paul. Thanks for answer.

> Check out the document at this link:
> Golden rule to remember - As soon as you suspect you have a corrupt
> o shut down the ibserver process,
> o make a physical copy of the file(s)
> o Try and fix the copy of database following the instructions
> in the above doc.
> That way, if you mess things up more you still have the original.

It is really nice page, we smudged all my screen with fingers
imprints yesterday reading this and repairing database. :)

> Two things that in general cause problems:
> o Forced Writes off and no UPS to guarantee the power supply.
> o Database size exceeding 4Gb. on NT or 2Gb on Linux.
> The latter may have bitten you in this case.

I have a doubt - 3 weeks ago I altered DB adding secondary file,
anyway, main file is smaller 2 Gb now.

Mournful is that making all precautionary measures I have such
situations approximately 1 time in 8 month regardless of IB version
during 6 years.

Yesterday struggle generated one more question. I wanted 3
programmers try independent attempts on 3 copies of DB. But I have not
so much free Linux boxes, I couldn't make backup/restore so I couldn't
access 3 copies of multy-filed database. I tried to change path for
secondary file in RDB$FILES, but it did'nt solve problem - server
wanted it in original location. Does any hack for this exists?

Best regards.