Subject restore trouble
Hi all,

I am thinking of creating a user interface for backup/restore for our
application. I cannot use any existing one, since we use a web user
interface (with PHP).

Backup does not make any problem, I just launch the following command:

gbak -b -l -v controller.gdb controller.gbk

But for Restore, things are getting complicated. The command:

gbak -r -v controller.gbk controller.gdb

complains about the database controller being in use.
So I tried shuting down the DB before restoring:

gfix -shut -force 0 controller.gdb
gbak -r -v controller.gbk controller.gdb

I get the same message complaining about controller.gdb being in use:

gbak: opened file controller.gbk
gbak: ERROR: could not drop database E:\Database\IB\Controller.gdb
(database might be in use)
gbak: Exiting before completion due to errors

And in fact, after gfix -shut -force 0, there is no more connection
to the db, butt the database file is still locked, I cannot delete it.

Does someone have any idea?

System: Win2000 Pro
IB: WI-T0.9.4.41 Firebird Test1