Subject Re: [ib-support] Stored procedure question
Author Ann W. Harrison
At 02:52 PM 5/16/2001 +0200, Nico Callewaert wrote:
> I have a stored procedure with a FOR SELECT on it. The question
> now is :
>is there a way to see the value of the next record of the query ? To make
>it more clear, it looks like this :
>INTO :v_InvoiceNo
> --> Here I have the value of v_InvoiceNo for each record, but is it
>possible to "see" the value of the one that will come next ??

No, but it is possible to save the previous one by copying the
values you want into other variables. What are you trying to do?
As you know, relational databases are based on set theory and
relative position has no particular meaning.


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