Subject Error reading data from connection
Author Jose Lopez

i have this problem:

I have a program and database in a personal
computer with Windows 98 (SERVER) and INTERBASE

4 remotes computers with LOCAL INTERBASE
accessing to SERVER.

The access if for TCP/IP with HUB.

installing is the version 5.6 that is in the CDROM of
BUILDER C++ 5.0. This install is going with the
builder and his licences are for 3 months.

To Adding that now i have installed a licences
for the version INTERBASE 5.0.

When try to access in the server with the
database don't problem, ACCESS PERFECTLY, but when try
to access in remote more times obtain the error:
GENERAL SQL ERROR: Error reading data from connection,
and the rest times fail in use of program. I test the
ping between the computers and work. I think that my
problems is the configuration of interbase but i don't
know what is.

My questions are:

1º Are compatible the licences INTERBASE 5.0 with
version 5.6?
2º The version trial of interbase that is going with
the cdrom of builder is valid only for development or
can use it installing how a distributable product?
3º Is necessary purchasing a version of INTERBASE
5.6 that isn't for development but is for final user??
4º How testing the correct installing of only one
GDS32.DLL in the server and remotes??
5º The winsock.dll can to be the problem of this

I like yours reponses for to resolve this problem.

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