Subject help ibserver hangs!!!
Author Tommy Toh
Hi i had this problem and it it seem to me that IB server 6.0.1 is not
stable at all.
I had IB6.0.1 install in to a Solaris and when ever the used is high
(about 20 user connect to it at the same time) the server will hangs.

Why I'm so sure that IB6 hangs is because i can to ftp telnet into
the solaris but just can't link my application to link to the ib
I did a gbak, isql, at the console and still can get to connect to
the database.

So solve this I had to do kill the processes ibguard and ibserver.
than i start the ibserver with ibmgr.

I just cannot do this all the time, it is not logical to restart the
a process everyday.
Is there a way to go about it??

I would appreciate that someone that can assist me in this.