Subject Re[2]: [ib-support] UDF inserting rows in a database...
Author Carlos H. Cantu
Yes Ann... I had thought about something like your sugestion before but was
trying to find an easier solution (easier = less code) since there are
many tables and many fields on them ;)



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AWH> At 02:49 PM 5/12/2001 -0300, Carlos H. Cantu wrote:
>>I need to call an UDF to parse every field in a table, extracting the words
>>in every field value and storing that words in another table in the same
>>database. Is this possible ? Any better way to do the same thing ?

AWH> Yes, it's possible, but I'm not convinced that it's wise. That
AWH> really sounds like a program more than a UDF. You might do it
AWH> as a stored procedure / UDF combination. The stored procedure
AWH> reads the data, sending each field to the UDF. The UDF returns
AWH> the first word in the string, plus the rest of the string. The
AWH> procedure stores the first bit, then calls the UDF with the
AWH> remainder until the UDF returns an empty string, then moves on
AWH> to the next field.

AWH> Or is that not what you had in mind?

AWH> Regards,

AWH> Ann

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