Subject Repair a corrupted table?
Author Jill Thomson
I have an Interbase file in which one of the tables is damaged. Perhaps
that should read database instead of file and file instead of table. When I
access it with IBConsole all is well until I click on the 'Data' tab,
whereupon the following message is displayed:

I/O error for file foobar
Error while trying to read from file
The operation completed successfully. (which of course it did not).

In the Help file for IBConsole there is a statement to the effect that the
utility can be used to repair files, but nowhere do I find this as a menu
option. Can it be done? (OK I realise that depends on what the problem is).
I attempted to back up but that also failed.

Ironically, the table/file giving the problem is one used for temporary
storage and its contents are totally expendable. So I suppose I could DROP
TABLE and CREATE TABLE. But that would not normally be an option.

Do not go to great lengths to suggest a solution - the data was converted
from Paradox and I am able to convert again. I was just keen to know if a
user has any recourse in this situation apart from restoring from a valid

W95 Delhi 5.1 IB 6.? Dialect 3 IBX 4.52. The application (payroll) hits
the same snag as IBConsole.

Peter Lawson