Subject Re: [ib-support] V5.6->V6 migration questions
Author Nando Dessena

> If I back up my V5 (ODS9) database with V5 server manager and restore it with
> V6 (or Firebird) IBConsole, will the resulting database then be ODS10?


> Can I use IBConsole (on Firebird) to back up an ODS9 database and then
> restore it? If so, same question as above.

Yes, and yes.

> I remember hearing (back when the IB6 source was first released) that there
> was a bug in the backup/restore in IBConsole, and that GBAK should be used
> instead. Has this been fixed as of the 12/2000 build of Firebird?

I don't think Firebird is Fixing IBConsole. Have a look at Borland's
community site for the latest IB Console build, or stick to the command