Subject Re: [ib-support] Can't Connect to Firebird Server on NT
Author Paul Reeves
Ray Drew wrote:
> Hi,
> ibserver.exe 29/12/00 on Windows NT4
> I'm just checking out Firebird (currently using Adaptive Server Anywhere).
> It runs as a local server fine but I can't get a connection as a remote
> server from a client.
> IB Console Diagnose Connection gives the following...
> Attempting connection to Tv_data.
> Socket for connection obtained.
> Failed to connect to host 'Tv_data',
> on port gds_db. Error Num: 10035.
> and sometimes Error Num: 10061, which according to the docs can be to do
> with licensing.
> Can anyone help?

These are tcp/ip errors. The former indicates that the client is trying to
communicate (and failing). The latter is acknowledgement that it has failed, and
wont try anymore.

Have you got the services file set correctly on client and server?

What is the connection string?


Paul Reeves
taking InterBase further