Subject RES: [ib-support] Help please! Database corrupt!
Author Zed
Ann, thanks for your answer...

I tried... But I couldn't perform the database backup... I got the same message...

I just downloaded new IBConsole from Borland CodeCentral and I'll try again... But, honestly, I'm not very hopeful... :o)

Any other ideas?

Thanks again!

Bussiness Class Administrator

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At 01:57 PM 5/3/2001 -0300, Zed wrote:

>I got this message when I tried to validate my database on IBConsole.
>Database file appears corrupt ()
>bad checksum
>checksum error on database page 8117
>What is that? How can I fix it?

You may well have a bad page in the database. I'd suggest
you backup the database with both garbage collection and
checksum checking turned off. If that works, restore the
database and things will be fine.


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