Subject Re: [ib-support] select bug on Linux!!
Author Brad Pepers
On Thursday 03 May 2001 01:22, you wrote:
> Brad Pepers wrote:
> > In looking for the delay problem I have, I started with thinking its a
> > common problem on Linux systems. The problem is that Linux select()
> > calls work differently than just about every other Unix system.
> Never did a "man select" before, but it seems to me that you are right.

The SCO select man page warns that in the future the timeout value will be
changed on return as well though I don't know that it was ever done.

> > So at least this one place in the code should be fixed. I sadly don't
> > have a build environment to test this but I hope someone else can soon
> > since I think its a pretty major bug! Also a general review of the use
> > of select in Firebird should be done in case there are other places with
> > the same problem on Linux.
> I will take a closer look at this as soon as possible.
> If you haven't already done it, you may log this as a bug
> at sourcefourge

Bug submitted!

Brad Pepers