Subject Knowing the pk value after an insert(php)
List(this is a repost because my former message doesn't make it to,
a friend of mine has run into another problem while porting his php
website to Firebird:
He need to know the new pk(generator) value right after an insert. I
told him to use a stored procedure. He said it's to complicated to
create and maintain a SP for every table. Then I told him to use
select gen_id(gen_name, 0) from rdb$database and he said this works
but it would be even nicer if there would be something like the
returning clause from Oracle(insert into t (seq_id) values
foo_seq.nextval()) returning seq_id)!
So my question is: Are these the only two possibilites to solve this
problem? Are there any plans to support anything like returning in

Tilo Muetze